Boermarke desserts

Boermarke is the leading and innovative (“private label”) manufacturer of fresh and frozen dairy, fruit and dessert products. We are a reliable partner for Foodservice, Retail & B2B who takes a qualitative and distinctive assortment seriously. You will experience a personal approach and with our expertise we inspire you on management, on advice and of course through our diverse product range. With our flexible and high-tech manufacturing processes, we are able to quickly turn ideas and trends into new concepts. With this approach we ensure that your customers are continuously surprised. Food safety, high delivery reliability and sustainable production are for us self-evident. This results in long-term relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers. We are a motivated employer that communicates transparently and offers opportunities for personal growth and initiative. Therefore, only quality- and customer-driven professionals who aim for the best result are working at Boermarke. Taking personal responsibility and seeking for continuous improvement are naturally to them.

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Boermarke Desserts
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International Sales Manager:
Arjan van Dijk: + 31 (0)6-83607486

International Enterprise

Boermarke Desserts is characterized primarily by honesty and craftsmanship. At our company we produces various kinds of ice cream, custard, yoghurt, mousse, porridge, cottage cheese and fruit products according to grandmother‘s recipe. Our range includes something for everyone. The history of Boermarke goes back to 1987 when Johan and Bertine Varvik started making ice itself. It soon turned out to be above the market and in a short time the production of the company grew from small in-house production of ice to the current daily fabrication of 60,000 liters of ice cream, custard, mousse, yoghurt, porridge and curd cheese. The company has the most modern production facilities and IFS certified. Boermarke Desserts focuses with its extensive dessert selection to the Foodservice market, Retail market and other Business to Business markets (including co-packing). Boermarke is also the perfect partner for in-flight catering services and other catering companies. One of the most important features of our company is our willingness to listen to our clients wishes at all times. The Boermarke desserts are available in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK, Poland through many distributors and in many retail concepts.

Product development and Innovation

Supplying our clients with top-quality products, that is what has made Boermarke so successful. The company is an innovative player in the market and is constantly introducing new products. In addition to the standard range of products, we are always in a position to supply our clients with products that match their specific needs. We are constantly developing new products to match the current needs of the consumer, such as dairy free, organic and Halal products. The Sales and R&D departments work closely with the customers in order to produce the best product possible. For example our coconut dessert with yogurt cultures, a dairy free recipe made with coconut milk. Very suitable for people with lactose intolerance or for people who prefer a vegan nutrition.

Visible from start to finish

Thanks to our advanced digital system, all products within Boermarke are visible and traceable from the beginning to the end of the production process. The goods acceptance system and specific batch codes, both for incoming goods and our own products, help to ensure optimal traceability.


Boermarke has its own quality service that ensures optimal production and stable quality of its products. Every day, all manufactured products are verified in our own certified laboratory for odor, color, taste and microbiological aspects. Incoming goods are strictly controlled and specific batch codes are assigned to both incoming raw materials and finished products, so possible problems are quickly traced. We guarantee consumers a high level of safety and quality through strict control of the entire production chain.